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Mr. Rivera's Class  

World Cultures and Geography Syllabus
TEXTBOOK: World Cultures and Geography Workbook

Supplemental Recources/ Supplies: Reading Study Guide
FCAT Workbook
Supplies: Pencils and Pens(BLUE or BLACK Ink Only)
1-1 1/2 inch 3 ring notebook with pockets, and dividers
Notebook for Journal
Curriculum: Subject matter taught in sequence to historical timeline
Geographic Areas / 7th Grade: Europe
North America
Central America
South America
Progress Reports: Report Cards ( 6/1 Final )
Assignment Log - Student responsibility
May request conference with teachers - Scheduled through 7th grade office
Homework Policy: Homework will be assigned when needed to enhance understanding of material.
All homework assigments will be posted on the homework hot line and placed on classroom's front board. Also, initial notification and due dates will be posted with each assignment.
Classroom Rules: Classroom rules will reviewed and posted in the front of room. Please read Code of Conduct with your child.
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