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Ms. Murphy's Class  

inventor 3

Writing Prompts # 1-12

1. (Personal Narrative) Time capsules tell people in the future what you and others were doing in a certain year. Choose one experience you would want to share with third graders from the future. Tell a story about the experience.

2. (Informative ) Write step-by-step instructions for your brother in first grade. Tell him how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Don’t leave any details out.

3. (Expository) Some sports are often done in the warm sunshine. Think about why people usually only do these sports when it’s warm outside. Explain why you think people usually only do these sports in the warm sunshine.

4. (Persuasive) Even though people are friends, they may disagree sometimes. Imagine that you are having a disagreement with a friend. Write a letter to your friend giving good reasons why he or she should try to solve the problem.

5. (Fictional Narrative) Helium is a gas that is lighter than air. When you fill a balloon with helium, the balloon rises. Write a story about the travels of a helium balloon that floats away.

6. (Expository) Most people enjoy receiving birthday presents. Think about the one thing that would be the perfect birthday present for you. Explain why it would be the perfect present.

7.( Informative) What was the most unusual land form you’ve ever seen? What is special about it? Write to tell about what the land form looks like. Describe the land around it. Tell what you like best about it.

8. (Persuasive) You would like to rearrange the furniture in your room. Write a letter to convince your parents that your new arrangement is going to be better than the old one.

9. (Fictional Narrative) Suppose that all the trees and other plants on Earth were cut down. Then all the soil was worn away. Write a story describing what a day in Earth without soil would be like.

10. (Expository) Florida is often threatened by hurricanes. Think about what you know about these storms. Explain why it is important to be prepared for a hurricane.

11. (Informative) What if a flood destroyed part of an ecosystem near your home? Write a newspaper report telling what happened to an animal because of the flood.

12. (Persuasive) Think about your favorite place to eat. Write a note to your parents to convince them to go to dinner at your favorite place to eat.

Writing Prompts # 13-24

13. (Personal Narrative) Friends can be young or old, animal or human. Think about a friend that means a great deal to you. Tell a story about an experience you shared with that friend.

14. (Expository) It’s time to clean out your closet. Think about one item you would never get rid of. Explain why you would not get rid of that one item.

15. (Persuasive) Think of a favorite book you have read that you would like to see used in a class. Write your teacher persuading her to use your book. Give at least three reasons why this book should be used.

16. (Personal Narrative) Think about one time that you were caught in a rainstorm. Tell a story about your adventure in the storm.

17. (Expository) People enjoy eating different types of food. Think about one type of food you enjoy. Explain why you like that one type of food.

18. (Persuasive) Many people have a favorite place to go in their hometown or city. Think about the places you like to go in your town. Write a paragraph to encourage people from out-of-town to visit your favorite place in town.

19.(Narrative) What if you were a frog? Write a story for a younger child explaining how you change from an egg into an adult frog.

20. (Expository) Most students have a favorite subject in school. Choose your favorite subject and explain why you like it.

21. (Persuasive) Pretend that you have found out before anyone else about a hurricane or other storm headed to your area. You need to warn people and make sure they are somewhere safe. Write an emergency warning to be read on the radio that will convince people to find shelter.

22. (Narrative) What would it be like to live in an area where there could be an earthquake. Write to describe what it would be like during an earthquake. Tell about things you might see, hear, and feel.

23. (Expository) Your teacher is going to allow your parents to come watch a movie with you in class. Think about one movie you can watch. Write to explain why you would want to watch that movie with your parents in class.

24. (Persuasive) Soil is an important material. Pretend that you are trying to sell soil. Write a radio advertisement for adults that will convince them to buy more soil.

Writing Prompts # 25- 32

25. (Fictional Narrative) Many people wish they could have made a sequel to their favorite movie. Tell a story about the sequel to your favorite movie.

26. (Fictional Narrative) For years, scientists have dreamed of traveling through time. Imagine you have found a time machine that can take you into the future. Tell a story about your travels.

27.(Persuasive) Everyone has a favorite season of the year. Choose which season is your favorite. Write a letter to a family member explaining why ___ is your favorite season. Try to convince them to agree with you.

28. (Fictional Narrative) Many comedians make jokes about everyday life. Think about a time in your life that has been funny. Tell what happened.

29. (Narrative) Thousands of years ago, a huge glacier covered most of the northern United States. Ice and snow always covered the ground. Suppose you lived at that time. Write a story describing a day in your life.

30. (Narrative) Pick a planet. Write a story describing what life would be like on that planet. Describe what it might be like to visit there. Talk about the customs on your planet.

31. (Narrative) “Only you can prevent forest fires” says Smokey the Bear. Write a story about an imaginary or real forest fire you may have read about in the news. Tell how the fire began. Describe what is left of the forest when the fire is over.

32. (Expository) Think about shopping for milk. Explain what it would be like if there were no standard volumes of milk sold. Explain what you would have to do and how you would measure things.
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