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Mrs. Wentworth's Third Grade   Third Grade

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Spelling Homework
1. Your spelling grade will be based on your weekly effort made toward learning the words of the week.
2. You must complete a spelling assignment on Tuesday and Thursday nights for homework. A complete list of possible assignments is listed below.

***** Once a word has been a spelling word, it should not be spelled wrong on any assignment you turn in to Ms. Matz.

Spelling Assignment Choices

1. Write all the words in both ABC and ZYX order.
2. Write each spelling word 3 times each.
3. Color code each spelling word.
4. Word pyramids for 20 spelling words.
5. Create a crossword puzzle using 20 spelling words.
6. Create a word search, and highlight all spelling words in the puzzle.
7. Write 20 words in an individual sentence.
8. Write a story using 20 of your spelling words.
9. Make up a tongue twister using all of your spelling words.
10. Write a synonym and/or antonym for all spelling words.
11. Use letters from a magazine or the newspaper to construct 15 of your spelling words.
12. Make acrostic poems with 15 of your spelling words.

* Try to complete all spelling activities in the month, before you repeat any activity.

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