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Physical Education News
Mrs. Darlene Tickner
The Physical Education Mission
The mission of the Paul B. Stephens Physical Education Department is to work cooperatively with other professionals in order to help students learn and feel comfortable about themselves.

My Mission
As a teacher of adaptive physical education at Paul B. Stephens, my mission is to provide maximum participation levels as I introduce various movement activities to my students. I will teach developmentally appropriate activities in a positive, caring atmosphere that will begin to develop the foundation for a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Our Class Mission
In PE, we will try our best to exercise, move, play, and have fun.
Check out our great playground!
The Program
Physical Education is every day for 45 minutes. Throughout the year, we will be swimming. We hope everyone has signed their permission slip and is prepared to swim. On other days, we will be rotating outside on the playground, court or walking track, and in the gym. Several classes will use the Sensory Room and the Therapy Gym for coordinated treatment during Physical Education with our staff therapists. Content includes motor and movement skills, fitness activities and leisure skills. During inclement weather, PE will be held indooors. Most students should be prepared to participate in all activities. Safe shoes and appropriate dress are encouraged.
Lots of fun in the gym!
Many of you may be interested in visiting your child during PE class. Please make sure you sign in at the office. Check the scheduled areas to find out where classes are on any given day. The schedule of my classes is listed below.

11:25 - 12:10 Jan Neff
12:10 - 12:55 Diane Lambos
1:40 - 2:25 Vicki McCraw
2:25 - 3:10 Mandy Shain
We will swim through out the year!
What's up?
PE would love to be adopted. Interested? Contact me for details.
Email me with questions and concerns.
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