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Mr. Dusseault's Class   The Digerati Digest

DEAR Book Brochure Project
About the Project
Each day, students take time during school to Drop Everything and Read! (DEAR). Students are encouraged to seek out books that they enjoy and to "lose themselves" in the stories and descriptions that they encounter.

As part of our unit of study learning Microsoft Word, students will expand on that idea by creating a brochure about a favorite book, suitable for sharing with others. They should try to make the book as attractive to new readers as possible, but should avoid telling the whole story, especially the ending!
Student Tasks
Students will create a tri-fold brochure using Microsoft Word about a book of their choosing. (Books must be suitable to share with the class.) The brochure should be landscape orientation, two pages in length, with three columns on each page (for a total of six columns). On one page students will write a synopsis of the story (left column), describe the setting of the story and tell about the book's author (center column), and describe the protagonist, antagonist, and other important characters of the story (right column). On the second page students will describe related information such as other titles by the author or related websites (left column), write in their heading and create a bibliography of their sources (center column), and create a cover page for the brochure with the title, author and publisher of the book listed (right column). See the Brochure Example below.

Students should find more information about their authors and use images from the internet to enhance their project, but they must write a bibliographical citation for every source used, and include it in their project.

All writing on the project must be the student's original work. It is not acceptable to copy descriptions or synopses from other sources. Students should create their own work based on their own reading of the book.
Use these link to help you create your project.

When you use the citation machine, be sure to choose "MLA Format", then select the correct type of resource.

You can use the Southside Library Catalog to get more details ablut your book, such as the publisher.

The publishers' pages are intended to help you get started on finding out more about your book. If you don't see your book's publisher listed, or you just want to search on your own, use a Google search.
About Using Word
Typing Computer
If you need a little help using Word, try these resources. (Check your computer tag for login info for Atomic Learning.)
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