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Seminole Elementary School  


Readiness Survey, Kindergarten
, Kindergarten Sunshine State Standards,
Kindergarten Reading List, Parent

- This is a combination of age, individual growth and experience.
Your child will develop at his or her own rate; however, your involvement promotes
readiness. This link is designed to help you look at your child's physical,
social, emotional, and cognitive development. It is designed four four year
olds. The criteria for many items on the checklist should NOT be applied to
children 3 or younger


- This is what Pinellas County feels your child should know
and learn in Kindergarten


Kindergarten Sunshine
State Standards
- This is what the state of Florida feels your child should
know and learn in Kindergarten

Reading List
- Ensure a brighter and richer future for your child by encouraging
him or her to read each day. Reading to and with your child will promote growth
in his or her reading ability as well as provide an enjoyable experience that
will increase your child's motivation to read. A significant growth in reading
ability typically occurs in the primary grades. Please spend time reading to
and with your child daily. Encourage your child to read sometimes "all
by him or herself", and at other times read a book to you. All children
enjoy listening to stories, so please make this activity a consistent part of
your daily plan at home for reading success. To help your child select appropriate
books, we are providing a list of suggested books. If your child has difficulty
reading a book independently, read the book with him or her. Your child will
need to have this support if he or she is struggling with more than five words
on a page or showing frustration. All books on this list are books that are
recommended by Pinellas County as good read-aloud books.

Parent Information
- In an effort to involve you in your child's education, an outline has been
compiled of what youe child will learn at each grade level. You can encourage
you child's learning by becoming familiar with these Student Expectations and
reforcing classroom activites at home. The pages wew provided by Pinelas County
and USF, through the Goals 2000 Student Achievement Grant.

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