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Rio Vista Elementary School  

Communication Disorders Program
The mission of the Communication Disorders Program is to ensure opportunities for all students to acquire and develop skills necessary to reach their full potential as effective communicators.

The Speech Language Pathologist:
• Identifies and Evaluates students with speech, language, and related problems.
• Plans and Conducts activities to improve student’s speaking, listening, and other language skills.
• Collaborates with parents, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals in understanding and meeting a student’s speech, language, and academic needs.
• Monitors and Documents the effectiveness of treatment and student progress.
• Writes reports and completes other required paperwork
• Educates parents, teachers, administrators, and others about communication development and disorders.

What are Speech and Language Disorders?
Speech, language, and related disorders make it difficult for people to express themselves, or to understand the spoken or written word. Disorders most commonly seen in the schools include:
• Articulation/Phonology – substitution, deletion, distortion of sounds and/or sound combinations including pauses and stress.
• Voice – hoarseness, breathiness, nasality, incorrect volume or pitch.
• Fluency – repeats or prolongs words or sounds: can be characterized by short or long pauses, and can occur in varying degrees of severity.
• Language – difficulty expressing or understanding the spoken or written word, vocabulary development, and associative thinking.

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