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Homebound/Hospital Program   We Go the Distance

What is Homebound/Hospital?

What is Homebound/Hospital instruction?
Homebound/Hospital instruction is provided for students who are medically unable to attend school for an extended period of time. A licensed physician or psychiatrist must provide a written diagnosis and certify that the student is expected to be out of school at least fifteen school days and could participate in and benefit from an instructional program. The student needs to be enrolled in a public school prior to referral. The primary purpose is to maintain continuity in the student's education.

Instructional Programs
All teachers working in the Hospital/Homebound Program are certified instructors and maintain the same professional stands as other teachers in the Pinellas County Schools. The student will be involved in one or a combination of other programs available.
1. Itinerant (one-to-one) homebound instruction provides PreK and elementary students with approximately .5 to 4 hours of individualized instruction per week. Secondary students receive 1 hour per week per subject. A parent or guardian must be present during instruction.
2. Teleclass, similar to a conference call, is utilized for secondary students when a telephone is available and the student is physically, emotionally, and intellectually able to be taught by phone. Teleclass students may receive one to two 50 minute class periods per week per subject.
3. Hospital students admitted to medical facilities in Pinellas County may be served by Homebound/Hospital or a private teacher employed by the hospital. To determine appropriate program services, parents/schools are encouraged to contact the Homebound office or the hospital social worker prior to completing a referral to Homebound. Homebound teachers are assigned regularly to Kindred, Sabal Palms, Pediatric Health Choice and both PEMHS campuses.

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