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Principal's Message
Mrs. Karen Buckles

The faculty and staff at Garrison-Jones Elementary are committed to our student's education, while developing the whole child. Everyone here works hard to make your elementary school experience an extraordinary one. Here, you will find highly enthusiastic and committed parents, deep-seated community involvement and long established business partnerships. I consider it an honor to serve as the principal of Garrison-Jones Elementary.

Garrison-Jones is a pre-k through grade five school with a focus on rigorous and relevant curriculum. We strive towards academic excellence while meeting the needs of all students. We are very proud that Garrison-Jones Elementary continues to be recognized by the state of Florida for academic excellence on the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT).

Volunteers are highly regarded as a contributing factor to our school's success. We take great pride in the strong relationships that have grown through our volunteer programs. Parent and Community members are always invited to be a part of our school family, help support student academic achievement and develop good citizenship. We strive to build memberships through our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and School Advisory Council (SAC). We encourage our parents and families to volunteer their time on campus by tutoring or mentoring our students.

Parents are encouraged to maintain communication with your child's teacher by discussing your interests or addressing your concerns. Working together in a supportive environment, we can meet the needs of our students.

Karen Buckles
(727) 469-5716

Mission Statement

Pioneers - One who opens up a new area of thought, research, development
The pioneer spirit
Leading the way

Persevere - To remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles
Persist with actions or an attitude

Principled - Having high moral principles
Defined standards of rightness and morality

Powerful - Mighty; intensive; innovative
Effective or potent

Prevail - Triumph / Win through / Succeed / Overcome