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Frontier Elementary   Home of the Panthers

no child left behind

All third grade children are required by the State of Florida to achieve a specified level of reading or it is legislatively mandated that the student will be retained. Third graders at risk are identified at the beginning of the year by the Pinellas Instructional Assessment Plan and Academic Improvement Plan. Additional reading intervention support is provided daily throughout the school year. In order to assure the greatest opportunity to succeed, one of the Title I Teaching Partners (who has a master's degree in reading) works one on one or in pairs with the identified students to strengthen their reading vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. It is our expectation that each student will meet expectations, and therefore will not be required to be retained.

There are two links for your use posted on this page. The first is the No Child Left Behind site. It provides answers about the new education law signed by President Bush on January 8, 2002.

The second website has information regarding the state mandated retention of third grade students. In May 2002, The Florida Legislature revised the Florida School Code effective January 7, 2003.
It contains links to documents that are provided to enable school districts and parents easy access to information regarding the changes in law affecting Third Grade Reading Promotion and Retention.

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