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Dropout Prevention School  

Welcome to

The goal of PACE is to increase personal and educational development by encouraging the student to remain in school and graduate. PACE hopes to improve the quality of life for at risk girls by promoting and enabling these young women to build self-esteem and develop personal, social, and family relationship skills.

Program Description
PACE Center for Girls, Inc., a non-profit, nonresidential state-based program provides comprehensive education and therapeutic prevention and intervention services to approximately fifty (50) troubled adolescent girls 12-18 years old. PACE was established as an alternative to institutionalization or incarceration. The program is unique in that it is the first and only prevention and early intervention program of its kind in Florida that offers a continuum of services designed to meet the special needs of at-risk girls.

Specific Eligibility Criteria
A student will be eligible for PACE if the student is a female, grades 6-12, and has already dropped out of school OR meets two or more of the following criteria:

Academic Achievement
Current school year GPA of 2.0 or lower OR
Previous school year GPA of 2.0 or lower OR
Currently failing two or more academic subjects

Achievement Scores
Two or more stanines below ability level in two or more academic areas as measured by most recent testing
Two or more grade levels behind expected performance in two or more academic areas based on current grade placement

Retained in grade level previous school year OR
Retained one or more times in prior years OR
Administratively promoted to next grade level

Current or past attendance patterns result in absences of 8 or more days per semester, or 15 or more days during a school year, OR
Current or past attendance problems caused failure of courses because of School Board policy on truancy

Limited English proficient (LEP) students meeting program eligibility criteria shall have equal access to the program. When a LEP student is served in the program, curriculum and related services will be designed to appropriately address the needs of LEP students in order to ensure that the instruction is understandable. An LEP review will occur prior to this placement and dropout prevention staff will be present at the review.

Exceptional students who meet the program eligibility criteria will be considered for placement. An IEP review will occur prior to this placement and dropout prevention staff will be present at the review.

Student Admission Proceedures
Referrals are made by parents, DJJ, agencies, self, or zoned school.
Appointment is made to meet with staff to determine if the student is suitable for the program.
If the student is accepted into PACE, a reporting date is given and parent agreement and notification forms completed.
The student withdraws from the zoned school and is enrolled in program.
Exceptional Education students have an IEP review and update through the appropriate district procedure with dropout prevention staff present prior to enrollment.

Contact Information
Sally Zeh, Executive Director - 727-456-1566
Maura Scanlon, Program Director x202

Fax - 727-456-1570

PACE Center for Girls, Inc.
5540 Park Blvd.
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
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