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Azalea Elementary School   Home of The Eagles

5 A's

School Hours for the 2013-14 7:35-1:35 Monday-Friday

Some Clubs Meet every Thursday from 1:30-3:00pm. Please be on time to pick your children up on time and try not to pick them up early on club days.

2-3-14 through 2-11-14- Valentine Flower Sale
2-11-14- Valentine Flower Orders due
2-13-14 -Chick-Fil-A day
2-14-14- Valentine Flowers delivered
2-14-14- Reading with your Sweeties (Prek-2nd) 7:45-8:15
2-14-14- Azalea Spirit Day $1.00 donation wear Valentine shirt and/or socks. (Must wear uniform bottoms and sneakers).
2-17-14- No School for students (Professional Development Day)
2-19-14- Blood Drive- 12:00-3:00(donate blood and your child receives a charm and t-shirt)
2-21-14- PTA sponsored Movie night (free to families)
2-25-14- FCAT 2.0 Writing (4th Grade)
2-25-14- Birthday Club (Jan and Feb)
2-26-14- FCAT 2.0 Writing make up
3-9-14- Daylight Savings Time (spring forward!)
3-12-14- Report Cards go home
3-13-14- Walk for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
3-13-14- Gifted Math Meet in Media Center
3-14-14- Gifted Math Meet in Media Center
3-14-14- Honor Roll/Principal List Assemblies (3-5)
3-18-14- Spring Picture Day (must pay)
3-19-14- Gifted field trip to MOSI
3-20-14 Principal's List Bowling Party

Pinellas County's:
Theme for 2013-14 "We Can Do This...Together"
Vision- 100% Student Success!
Mission-Educate & Prepare each Student for college, career & life
Azalea Elementary's:
Theme "We Can Do This...Together
Vision-Azalea Elementary will strive to be the benchmark for highest student achievement
Mission- Academics+ Attitude + Attendance = Achievement at Azalea!

Uniform Changes

Black has been added to uniforms
Black polo shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, skorts, jumpers, undershirts, socks, dresses (no frills, sequins, lace, etc).


Please do NOT drop your child off before 7:05 as there is no supervision prior to that time!

Please be aware that District Policy states the school is only required to monitor students 30 minutes before school starts and 30 minutes after school ends. If for some reason an emergency arises and you will not be in time to pick up your child, please call the office.If your child will not be going home the usual way, then a note MUST be in the planner. Please do not call the office as we cannot interrupt the classes and we also cannot guarantee that your child will get the message in time if we put a written note in the teacher's mailbox. Bus students will ride the bus UNLESS a parent is in the office before the bus is dismissed, otherwise the student will be riding the bus home.

If your child is absent please write a separate note that is dated and send it in within three days of the absence. Anytime your child is absent more than three days we will ask for a doctor's note.

Rainy day arrival and dismissal- If there is heavy rain or lightening or thunder the back car circle will be closed.
On rainy days if the car line is backed up, students will NOT be marked tardy as long as cars are still waiting to unload. Please keep your children safe by waiting in the car line when we have bad weather.

We ask that you drop your child off at the car circles or walk them to the gate. IF you feel you absolutely have to walk your child in you will need to enter through the front office after 7:10 am with a valid picture ID and go through our badge Pass system as well as sign in indicating what your purpose is on campus.

In addition we are asking that again for the safety of your children that you ONLY exit through the front office so that a gate is not accidentally left ajar. Please do not be offended if we question you if you are walking around the campus as again we want to insure the safety of your children and our staff.

YMCA parents, the gates will no longer be open for any reason and after 7:10 your child will need to go to the car circle entrance as the Y kids are sent to class and are no longer supervising students.

YOU MUST have a valid picture ID if you are planning to volunteer, visiting your child for lunch, or have a meeting and please arrive 15 minutes early. If your child arrives after the gates are closed you will need to walk your child in to be sure they arrive safely as the office doors will be locked. After 7:35 parents bringing children in late will not be allowed to walk their child to class. Again this is to insure the safety of all of our students. PreK, Kindergarten and first grade students will be escorted by a faculty member to their classroom.

View our Newsletter online. Look for the link to your left.

Important Information Regarding School Breakfast and Lunch!
Breakfast at no charge! Be sure to drop your child off by 7:15 if you would like them to have breakfast.

The cost of lunch for elementary students is now $2.00 .40 for reduced lunch. The cost of lunch for parents and staff is $2.75 for lunch and $1.50 for breakfast. Milk is $.50.

Free and Reduced breakfast- Parents may choose to apply on line (quicker) at

Prepayments for students lunches can be made to the cafe manager (cash or check). We encourage all prepayments to be done when students are not in the cafe for breakfast or lunch. Parents may also make payments on line at at any time with a credit or debit card.

Please be aware that if you plan on volunteering to go on a field trip and drive you will have to be fingerprinted by an organization that does a national background check. You will then receive a Level II clearance.

Thank you parents for following the expectations and getting into the car circle line on Russell Drive. Both car circles are cleared within 15 minutes on a regular day. If you are parking to pick up your child you will need to park at Azalea Park on 72nd Street and walk across the park to the school to get your child. Now if you WANT your child to come to the front car circle even if they are a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grader, just write a note in the planner to the teacher.

-All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students and their OLDER siblings are encouraged to be picked in the back car circle.
PreK, Kindergarteners and their older siblings,along with 4th and 5th graders who do NOT have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade siblings will need to be picked up in the front car circle.
-Anyone can use the back car circle in the morning but NO PARKING and no parents can enter through the back car circle. No Exceptions.

Thank you to all the families that continue to send in uniforms. You can always come in and trade out smaller uniforms for bigger ones as we know the students grow quickly and sometimes it is hard to find uniforms at a reasonable cost.

Azaleasign Azalea’s Directory
Azalea’s Email Directory
Azalea Elementary School
1680 74th Street N
St Petersburg, FL 33710-4554
Phone: (727) 893-2187
Debby Caven, Principal
hands Interesting article about the effects of caffeine on children.
This article appeared in the Tampa Bay Times.
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