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Academy of Finance   Business Smaller Learning Community

newyork Field Trips
To enhance the academic curriculum and to provide cultural enrichment, field trips are arranged away from the NEHI. Trips to New York City, Jacksonville, and Orlando, combine visits to financial institutions with time to explore the many activities of each city. Institutions that have been visited recently include the Federal Reserve Bank in New York; New York Stock Exchange; Jacksonville Federal Reserve, Sally Corporation, and Disney's Leadership Institute.
mayor Mayor Baker Discusses Business Plans With Seniors
Field trips expand students learning beyond the walls of the classroom into the vast community outside. They provide students with experiences that cannot be duplicated in the school but are nonetheless an integral part of school instruction. A field trip can best be described as a living laboratory in which learning is acquired through active hands-on experience with the rich resources of the local community.
students 4 Students Present at St. Petersburg Business Alliance
Research has shown that field trips are important for many

* they increase student knowledge and understanding of a subject,
* they add realism to the topic of study, and
* they provide an opportunity to develop and enhance a student's socialization and citizenship skills.
nyse Start Spreading the News - - - New York City -
The students enrolled in the Academy of Finance participate in a four-day field trip to New York, New York as part of their learning experience.

Statement of Goals
The goal is to teach financial skills and basic economic principles to young people by introducing the students to places that they have only read about. The will provide students with an experiential learning environment challenging students to better understand the skills they have obtained in class and utilize these skills in making good financial choices and decisions.
goodmorning Overview
The first impression of anyone who visits New York City is its instantaneous and authoritative physical presence. The city’s power is felt on virtually every street corner. Its glory and influence are apparent when walking down 6th Avenue and observing the cement blocks that house the empire of Corporate America; down Wall Street where America’s most powerful investment banks control the world’s finances; or along Park Avenue where the nations rich and privileged reside. No where in the world is power so evident or as concentrated as it is in New York? It might not be the capital of the USA, but it’s the capital of finance, publishing, theater, advertising, art, fashion and broadcasting. Students enrolled in the Academy of Finance have been studying all aspects of financial literacy since their sophomore year. They have covered topics from budgeting, savings, credit, economics, international trade, banking, stocks, bonds, insurance, and financial planning, They have all participated in the operations of our student-run credit union, The Viking Branch as a manager, assistant manager, teller, member service advisor, auditor or a member of the marketing team. They have learned to work together as a team and carry on as a professional employee of the community. They have experienced local trips to the Equifax, Achieva Credit Union, Lighthouse Credit Foundation, Catalina Marketing, Bank of America, Raymond James Financial, Raymond James Bank and Jacksonville’s Federal Reserve. This opportunity will offer students an experience of a life time. There is no better place to prepare the students for the challenges that lie ahead in the business world than New York city; the undisputed capital of business and finance.

stock exchange Tour would include: Wall Street and the financial district, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Market Site, New York Mercantile Exchange, Sony Wonder Technology Lab, Museum of American Financial History, and other NYC famous museums, landmarks and attractions.

Funds: Students will be responsible for fund raising and paying for their own cost of the trip. The business partners associated with the Academy of Finance will assist in providing funds to lower the individual student costs.

Time line: Four Days (Thursday through Sunday)

Cost: Approximate cost $769 per student
epcot Disney Leadership
Disney Leadership
Understand the Walt Disney World® approach to leadership and learn how to apply the approach to personal goals and leadership styles.
Vision: Students are introduced to the visionary known as Walt Disney. Students are presented with the concept that through words and actions, every leader is telling a story about what he or she values.

Leadership Traits: Students consider how every leader has different strengths. Students examine their own strengths and how they can use them to become effective leaders. Students define vision and the role it plays in successful leadership.

Guest, Cast, and Business Processes: Students observe first-hand the Walt Disney World® focus on Guest Satisfaction, Cast Excellence, and Business Results at an Epcot® pavilion. Students are empowered to explore independently. Students examine how a focus on continuous improvement drives successful leadership.

Leadership Tools: Through an examination of the Walt Disney World® Quality Standards, students understand the importance of decision-making tools in leadership.

Guest Speakers: Students have the opportunity to discuss leadership with a Walt Disney World® leader.

THE DISNEY DIFFERENCE: Students experience the real world beyond the magic of the Walt Disney World® Resort. Students discuss leadership with a Walt Disney World® leader. Trained and knowledgeable Disney Institute Cast Members facilitate this high quality and educationally sound program, while never forgetting that fun is a vital part of learning.

Approximate Cost: $100
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