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Ms Wiser's Class  

Science, Health and Social Studies

Learning about our bodies and the world around us is fun!
Science, social studies and health will be integrated into the language arts and math curriculum. This is a very powerful way to teach because two or more subjects are taught at the same time. Everyone will be engaged! It's high interest and it's fun for all!

We're all excited about our beautiful Scott Foresman curriculum. There are five units of study in first grade: Solids, Liquids and Gases, Night and Day, Movement, Living Things and Sound. Children will be engaged in science experiments and leveled non-fiction readers that correlate to the unit concepts. There will be an emphasis on learning science vocabulary in preparation for FCAT testing in the older grades. A colorful text book and student workbook is made available to every child. An online website will later be announced for children to do some meaningful exploration.

Social Studies
In social studies our topics of discussion will involve: Consumer Education, Patriotism, Map and Globes, as well as learning about families, homes around the world, working together and various multi-cultural studies. We will be doing a lot of chatting about the world around us and celabrate our American culture.

Our health units are very interactive with lots of hands on activities, visuals, and songs to create enthusiasm about learning to be safe and healthy. The units involve these studies: Human Body, Fitness and Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Feelings, Disabilities and Emergency Safety.

The county's wellness program is making some changes to help our children form healthy eating habits. We will not be offering the children an occasional piece of candy as a reward or treat. Any classroom snacks must not be of minimal nutritional value. A teacher could use m&m's or other treats in the classroom only if there is an academic focus. Making a graph of m&m's and comparing and contrasting the different values would be an example of what would be considered acceptable. We will not be celebration birthdays in the cafeteria with parent bought sugary snacks. However, the children will be presented with some of these treats during our three county approved classroom parties. Here are some examples of nutritional snacks that could be used in the classroon: graham crackers, cheese fish or crackers, pretzels, pop corn, granola bars and nuts. Donations are always helpful. We appreciate your support. We have the childrens' best interest at heart!
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