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Mrs. Petersen's Class  

Classroom Behavior Expectations
All students are expected to be productive members of our classroom. We as a class decided on our classroom expectations. They are as follows:

1. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
2. Show respect to everyone.
3. Listen and follow directions.
4. Be prepared.


Cartoon Stars
Each student starts out each day with a green card. If the student stays on green for the entire day there are positive consequences.

Positive consequences for students following expectations:

Estimation Tickets
Verbal praise
Treasure Box
A.C.E. Time
Note or phone call home

Other teacher motivational (eating lunch in classroom, popcorn parties, etc.)
The consequences for not following expectations:

1. Warning
2. Pull strip
3. Time out from group
4. Time out another class, note in agenda, phone call to parent
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