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Palm Harbor University High School   Guidance Department

Qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship!
BFPicture What do I need to do to qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship?
Click here to see the Requirements
The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program is a great opportunity to earn FREE MONEY FOR COLLEGE! There are 3 levels of the scholarship: the Florida Academic Scholars Award, the Florida Medallion Scholars Award, and the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award. Each level has different academic, SAT/ACT, and volunteer requirements.

It is your job to know the requirements of each level of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship so you can meet them before high school graduation. Click on the link above and print the sheet to view the requirements.

(Note: There is NO VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT for the Medallion & Gold Seal Scholarship (the 75% tuition awards). There is a 75 hour volunteer requirement for the Florida Academic Scholars Scholarship (100% tuition award.)
Steps to Qualify for the Florida Academic Scholars Award (the 100% tuition award)
In order to qualify for the FAS Award, you must complete 75 hours of volunteering, maintain a 3.5 State-Weighted GPA in 15 credits of your college preparatory academic courses, and get a 1270 on the SAT or a 28 on the ACT. Click on the Requirements link above to see the courses that count towards your Bright Futures GPA.

Before you start volunteering, the placement must be preapproved by your guidance counselor or your hours will not count towards the scholarship! You want to make sure you will get credit for the type of volunteering you choose. You will have to fill out forms to document your service, and this must be completed by the end of your senior year.

Many students start volunteering during the spring or summer after freshman year to see where their GPA lies. If you do the volunteer hours, but end up not having the GPA or SAT score, you can always just list the accomplishment on your college resumes.

In order to start your hours, you must complete Form 1 AND Form 2 and turn them in to guidance for approval.
You must get the forms from your guidance counselor in order to review the process. Form 1 will explain eligibility requirements, instructions, and what hours will not be counted.
Contact the Community Agency (Form 2)
Your community service needs to address a social problem. You will basically need to describe what you will be doing at your agency on this form. Then, you need to take the form to the agency, discuss your service, and have them sign the form. When you have completed the form, submit it along with Form 1 to a guidance counselor for approval. Once the placement is approved, you may start volunteering.

To complete the form, you must identify a social problem. Suggestions are below:

IDENTIFY A SOCIAL PROBLEM - You may choose to personally address one of the following seven social problems:
1. The preservation of the environment and/or the protection of historical sites
2. The promotion of the health, welfare and safety of the community
3. The improvement of the standard of living for residents of our community
4. The encouragement of the growth of the arts in our community
5. The improvement and enrichment of the lives of the mentally and/or physically disabled of our community
6. The promotion of a quality life for the senior citizens of our community
7. The provision of leadership, guidance, and activities for the youth of our community
You may identify a social problem not covered by one of the above seven areas
Keep Track of Your Hours (Form 3)
Once you start volunteering, keep track of your hours on Form 3. When you complete 75 hours have the agency sign the form. You will not turn in this form until all of your hours are complete. You will turn in this form to guidance and get the last form--Form 4.
Your Evaluation and Reflection (Form 4)
You're finally done! Answer the questions on this sheet to finalize the process. It is a reflection about your experience. Turn in Form 4 to guidance, and your Bright Futures volunteer portion is complete!
Register During Your Senior Year
Bright Futures Website
To apply for a Bright Futures Scholarship, you must complete an application online during your senior year or you will forfeit your eligibility. This needs to be done after December 1st and prior to graduation. Visit the website for more information.
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