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FCAT Practice Websites and Documents
Huge collection of games and activities that cover 5th grade standards
Different group of guestions every time you go on!
Click on Grade 5... Based on FCAT Math
Study Guide made this year based on FCAT type questions
List of FCAT Math Vocabulary
Study Guide created this year based on our textbook and FCAT style questions
Vocabulary list of science term needed for the FCAT
Scroll down to 5th grade and choose "matching" or "drop and drag"
Interactive Quizes for all subjects - Great SCIENCE ONES!!
Interactive Math Jeopardy
Created by Pinellas County Elementary Science Coordinator
Texas based Math assessment meeting many of our Math standards
Texas based Reading assessment meeting many of our Reading standards
Texas based test hitting many of our science standards
Interactive Jeopardy with Science
VDOE- Wonderful studing tool!
Science Skills broken down by strand and topic
Sharpens skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
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