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Mrs. Alex's Third Grade Class

2010 FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test)
FCAT 3rd Grade FCAT Schedule:
Tuesday, March 9th ~ Reading, Session I (60 minutes)
Wednesday, March 10th ~ Reading, Session II (60 minutes)
Thursday, March 11th ~ Math, Session III & IV (120 minutes)
March 12th, 15th, 18th & 19th ~ Make-Up Testing

Released FCAT 2006 Tests
Copy, paste, and access this site,, for your child to practice retired and actual FCAT tests.
Thinking cap FCAT Explorer Fluency List
Click here to practice FCAT vocabulary words.
Typing computer Online Practice Reading Tests
Click Here!
These are online versions of the released state tests from Texas. They are great practice for the Reading and Math FCAT. The content on these interactive reading and math tests is very similar to the content taught in class.
Math Math FCAT resource.
Click here to practice for the Math FCAT!
Practice for the Math FCAT here! Try these problems. This is a terrific review for math!
Animated Computer FOCUS
Practice for the Reading & Math FCAT Here!
FOCUS, a Florida Department of Education Web site, offers online mini assessments for reading and math skills. Each mini assessment provides a set of valid, FCAT-like questions. Here you will find mini assessments for all reading and math benchmarks for grades 3 - 10.

Students can use their FCAT Explorer sign-in name and password to begin working on the assessments.

Try'll like it!
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