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Female scientist

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Mrs. Putnam's Earth & Life Science Classes

Mrs. Putnam's Homepage
Scientist 1 Hello!
I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are as excited as I am to start off the new school year! I am so glad to be at Southside and cannot wait to work with each of you. On this website you can check for our class notes, homework assignments, and a calendar of when everything is due. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing items on my website.

Wish List
*Kleenex, Kleenex, Kleenex!
*Colored pencils
*Cleaning wipes
*Bags of candy for review activities (jolly ranchers, starburst, tootsie rolls, etc.)
*Gift cards to:
Publix for consumable lab supplies
Office Depot for paper products/supplies
Space Man My Mission
I will guide students in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in science. I will motivate students to do their best and broaden their own personal limits by helping them realize that they can achieve any goal set before them.
notebook Class Materials
Students must bring the following materials to class each and every day:
3 prong/2 pocket folder
Pens (blue or black) or pencils
Notebook paper
Spiral notebook
DEAR book
Mad scientist How to contact me
Parents: a lot of you already signed up to receive my weekly email about upcoming quizzes, tests, after school study sessions, etc. If you have not signed up, but would like to, please email me at the above link.
~Mrs. P
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