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Mrs. Porte's Class Site

Welcome to Mrs. Porte's Third Grade!

Mrs. Porte's Summer Letter

May 2008

Dear Parents,

Wow, I can・t believe summer is here! I have a lot of fun things planned with my family. I will also be preparing for a great school year with your third grader.
Many of you know me, but for those of you who don・t I would like to share with you some information about myself. I have been married for almost 13 years. I have a son that will be going into 6th grade and a daughter who will celebrate her fourth birthday this summer. This will be my 10th year teaching in Pinellas County. This will be my sixth year teaching at Bay Vista Fundamental School where I have taught third grade each year. I really enjoy teaching third grade, and I was very excited to hear I will be teaching third graders again this coming year. I think you will find that I am very easy to work with. I expect the best your child can give everyday, and in return you can expect to be surprised how much your child will learn!
Third grade has some big changes in store for your child. He or she will learn multiplication, study fractions, discover division, explore ancient civilizations, and gain a better understanding about our solar system. Your child・s stories will become more organized and more interesting. Your third grader will also learn organizational skills and learn how to prepare for tests.
You will be hearing a lot about the FCAT during your child・s third grade year. We will make it through together!
I really can・t wait to see you and your special third grader at the beginning of next year. Please enjoy your summer and stay safe.

See you soon!
Mrs. Porte

Greet the Teacher is August 18th from 10:45 to 11:30. Come in and say Hello, and drop off your school supplies!

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