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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Paying for college is not always easy. College costs rise each year and many students and their families need some form of financial assistance to help pay these costs. The following suggestions will help facilitate the financial aid process.

Check out FastWeb!'s Parent Tips on how to pay for college.

This department of Pinellas County Schools is involved in assisting students and their parents who are seeking information to help finance the students' postsecondary education.

Be sure to check out the Scholarship Opportunities. Monthly Opportunities lists are updated and sent to high school guidance departments by the end of each month during the school year. Check with your school guidance department the 1st of every month for the new lists. This web page is updated monthly as well. Contact your school guidance department or the Financial Aid Office at 588-6013 for more information on the listed scholarships. Some sponsors require that you apply online. Read all instructions thoroughly and plan ahead! Scholarships are for seniors unless otherwise stated.

Pinellas Education Foundation
The PINELLAS EDUCATION FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP CATALOG is offered online annually and consists of scholarships for public high school seniors in Pinellas County. Through the foundation, businesses, organizations and individuals sponsor scholarships to help students receive funding to continue their postsecondary education.

The online scholarships are available NOW!

In 1997, the Florida Legislature created the FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. This Florida Lottery-funded scholarship rewards students for their academic achievements during high school by providing funding for them to pursue postsecondary educational and career goals in Florida.

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program is an umbrella program administered by the Florida Department of Education (DOE) which includes the Florida Academic Scholars, the Florida Medallion Scholars, and the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars awards.

A collection of the various scholarships we receive.

The Talented Twenty Program is part of the Governor's One Florida Initiative. Students eligible for the Talented Twenty Program are guaranteed admission to one of the eleven state universities and are given priority for award of funds from the Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG). The FSAG program is a need-based grant; therefore, Talented Twenty students must meet FSAG eligibility requirements in order to be eligible for priority funding. Please note that while eligible students are guaranteed admission at one of the state universities, they are not guaranteed admission to the campus of choice.

Initial and renewal eligibility information regarding the Florida Student Assistance Grant Program is available on the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) website at

Florida Prepaid
College tuition in Florida is expected to more than triple by the time today’s newborn goes to college. So the earlier you start saving for college, the better.

The Florida Prepaid College Plan allows parents, grandparents, businesses and others lock in the cost of college today.

With the Florida Prepaid College Plan, you don't have to worry about the stock market or if you will have enough money saved. What you pay now is financially guaranteed by the State of Florida.

Schools use information from the FAFSA to determine if you qualify to receive federal student aid from grants, loans and work-study programs. State governments and many schools use FAFSA information to award their own funds.

If you don't already have a U.S. Department of Education PIN (Personal Identification Number), apply for one now at If you're a dependent student, your parents should also apply for a PIN now so that they can electronically sign your FAFSA.

Go to for online resources that cover the full range of financial aid topics -- from preparing for a college education to all the way through repaying student loans.

Financial Aid 101: What's your reason for not filing a FAFSA? courtesy of Wachovia's CollegeReady magazine.

Mapping Your Future
Mapping Your Future's vision is to be the leading public-service, collaborative provider of free information and services for schools, and for students and families as they consider college, financial aid, careers, and financial literacy options.

Mapping Your Future's mission is to enable individuals to achieve life-long success by empowering schools, students, and families with free, web-based college, financial aid, career, and financial literacy information and services.

FastWeb, the Internet's leading scholarship search service, helps students make the decisions that shape their lives: choosing a college, paying for college, and finding jobs and internships.

And it's all free!

Recommended by more than 16,000 high schools and 3,600 colleges, FastWeb is the most trusted online college resource. Last year, one out of three college-bound high school seniors used the site, and more than 34 million students have created FastWeb accounts since launching in 1995.

Each FastWeb user answers a detailed questionnaire about themselves. The site then uses this data to generate a personalized suite of information of scholarships, colleges, internships, jobs, and more. At the heart is FastWeb's industry-leading scholarship database — the most comprehensive and accurate compilation of national, community, and college-specific scholarships available anywhere. Updated continuously by the company's own dedicated research team, FastWeb's database contains over 1.3 million scholarships worth over $3 billion.

FastWeb's enhanced college search is the only place where one can research and compare colleges based on the relevant scholarship matches at each school. The jobs & internships service lists part-time job opportunities close to home, along with career-launching internships around the country. Online tools help students stay organized with a dynamic calendar, email reminders, favorites lists, and personalized content to help them succeed.

Through our web site and business, FastWeb supports a national community of students, parents, educators, and scholarship providers — with a commitment to helping students realize their dreams of higher education.

2007-2008 Quick Reference Guide for High School Students

The Nelnet College Planning Center can answer all your questions about planning, applying for, and paying for college. Still looking for a school to attend? Use our powerful school search tools to find the right college to fit your needs. Need to pass your entrance exams? Let our practice tests help you study and get the best score you possibly can. Looking for some free money? Use our extensive scholarship search tool to help you find money to pay for school.
The GI Bill benefit now pays up to $49,000 towards your education. Use it to earn your degree, certificate or for vocational training.

Get free information today:
  • Up to $1034 a month from the GI Bill
  • Earn credit for your military service
  • Earn an undergraduate or graduate degree
  • Access over $300 Million in scholarships
  • Find military-friendly schools

Know More No Less
Need money for college?

Bridges, the developers of CHOICES®, has launched a new free service to assist students and their parents with the financial aid process. The downloadable Know More No Less workbook provides simple to use financial aid materials that makes it easy for families to:
• determine how much college costs,
• discover ways to save for college
• develop an understanding of the student loan application process.
In conjunction with the workbook, Bridges has put together two-one hour lesson plans that will guide students through the financial aid activities. These free lesson plans are available to all high school students at:
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