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Ms. Moen's Class Site  

Spelling Made Fun!

Try These Ideas to Enjoy Learning How to Spell!
Keep interest high and have some fun by using some of these ideas at home to promote and reinforce strong spelling skills.

Spell Around The Table
Each participating family member sits at the table and takes a turn spelling a word by naming the next letter in the sequence when it is his/her turn. Example: The leader says “spell ocean”. The first person to the leader’s left says “o” , the next person say “c”, etc. until the whole word has been spelled. If someone makes an error, the next person starts spelling the word from the beginning. (Hidden curriculum idea: always start to the left of the leader because reading is a process that goes from left to right and this helps the speller to visualize the word.)

Spell Well
Write spelling words in a list, showing 3 possible spellings for each word, but with only one in each group of the 3 spellings being correct. Ask your child to find the correct spelling.

Make a Mess!
Spread flour, salt, or sand onto a table and have your child write spelling words with a finger. Or, spray some shaving cream on the table and let them write them! (Bonus: You'll be amazed at how clean the table is after you clean up, too!)

Making Words
Given a specific group of letters, your child will manipulate them in order to spell a variety of words. Choose a long, but familiar word. Arrange the letters so that the vowels appear together on the left, in alphabetical order, and the consonants appear together on the right, in alphabetical order. Then set a kitchen timer and help your child find as many words as possible by using only the given letters. Start with two letter words and work up to using every letter to spell the "Mystery Word!"

Thank you to Mrs. Mann at Soule Elementary for many of these ideas.
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