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Ms. Moen's Class Site  

child on the computer

Dear Parents and Students!

FCAT Explorer is FREE just for you!

FCAT Explorer is a Web-based practice program that will egage you in fun and effective learning on the Sunshine State Standards on all levels.

Start today by clicking on the link, enter your username and password, and choose Math Station and/or Science Station to begin to practice skills needed for the classroom, on the FCAT, and in life.

I will be able to monitor your progress, give you feedback, reward you with notes of encouragement and tokens for the arcade.

So don't delay, start now!

FCAT Explorer
Student Login Information

Username: LastName+FirstInitial
(example: smithj

Password: CountyNumber+FirstFourLettersLastName+mmdd
(example: 52smit1126) mmdd=month+birthdate

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