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Second Grade Newsletter

school house
First Day
Letting go is always hard, but independence is strongly encouraged in Second Grade, much like it was in First Grade. On the first day of school, you may walk your child to the classroom to drop him/her off. However, after the first day, please drop your child off at the car circle and allow them to walk to the classroom with a buddy. When picking your child up, please discuss a meeting spot and time with your child. If your child does not show up at that time, report to the office where they will do an "All Call".
Thank you for your cooperation.
Boy doing homework
Like in First Grade, homework is handed out on Monday in a homework packet. It is to be used at home as practice on work that is done in the classroom. Please review your child's homework with him/her. Homework is due on Friday for a completion grade. Homework will not be returned home.
Homework will start after our Back to School Night.

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Upcoming Events
Behavior Policy
You will find I expect a lot of my students behaviorally. I will begin addressing these expectations with the children the first morning of school and will at that time introduce my behavior management system to the children. We will begin to use this system immediately following the establishment of our Class Rules, which the children will be directly involved in creating.

Volunteers are always welcome in the classroom. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, please email Miss Koschik!!!
Class Adoption
Adopting a classroom is a great way to help your child's class out! Each year I have bought many supplies for the classroom with the adoption money from our families. If you are interested in adopting your child's classroom, please email Arlene Kline!

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