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Ms DeRollo's Class  

Pre-Algebra Course Information Sheet
PreAlgebra Book

Authors and Publisher:
Carol Malloy, Jack Price, Leon L. Sloan and Teri Willard
Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Publishing Companies 2004

The purpose of this course is develop mathematical content fundamental for success in Algebra and higher-level mathematics courses. The course will cover the five strands ( Algebraic Thinking; Data Analysis and Probability; Geometry and Spatial Sense; Measurement; Number Sense, Concepts, and Operations )of the Sunshine State Standards, the Pinellas County Schools Student Expectations and the Grade Level Expectations for mathematics.

Course Content:
Tools of Algebra
Factors and Fractions
Rational Numbers
Ratios, Proportion & Precent
Linear Equations & Inequalities
Functions & Graphs
Real Numbers & Right Triangles
Two Dimentional Figures
Three Dimentional Figures
Statistics & Probability
Polynomials & Nonlinear Functions

My goal for this year is to help students realize through work and effort that they can be successful with learning Pre-Algebra. We will be using the Grencoe Pre-Algebra text, which is an excellent tool in learning the needed skills of Pre-Algebra. There will be DAILY assignments and it is REALLY important that students stay on schedule, that way students will understand classroom activities and assignments each day.

* When the bell rings be in your seat prepared to begin class with the necessary materials and homework out ready to grade and discuss, OTHER WISE. you will be considered TARDY. Start working on warm-up asssignment when posted in class.

* Pay attention in class. Raise your hand to be called upon to ask questions or make a comment. Do not shout out answers or comments in class without being prompted. Take notes as needed and concentrate during explanations of math skills. Do not talk or cause any disruptions that detract from other student's learning.

Hall Passes

Each student will receive two hall passes per marking period for my classroom.
Bathroom/drink breaks will not be permitted during the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class; these needs should be addressed during passing time. Students must have their agenda signed and sign out on the room sign-out sheet prior to leaving the classroom.

* Use class time wisely. Stay on task, whether in group work or individual work. Sleeping, head on desk, eating, chewing gum, or drinks are not allowed.

*Teacher to parent/guardian communications with a "PS." (stamped or written) MUST be signed and returned the following day. Failure to do so will result in a detention.

* YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LEARNING. You will have homework each night. Always ask questions and get help on materials you do not understand. Don't wait until you feel overwhelmed. When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to make up homework. It is really difficult to catch up once you are behind. DON'T GET BEHIND!

(6) Three pronged folders with two pockets to be used in Math class only. One for each marking period.

Loose-leaf notebook paper (wide ruled is best).
Pencils ( #2 or #2 mechanical ). All math work will be done in pencil ONLY.
Red, purple or green pen or pencil (for daily corrections ONLY)
Dry Erase Markers (low odor, Please!!)
Graph Paper
Clear page protectors (top opening)(5 minimum)
Hand held stapler
Pencil Sharpener (hand held)
Colored Pencils
(1) CD-R disk for downloading textbook
(1)calculator (basic 4 function, just like FCAT) No scientific graphing calculator may be used.
Ruled Index Cards

ALSO, a one-time donation:
Box of tissues

IF for any reason you cannot acquire these items, please contact me.

Math Folder (3 pronged folder for the correct marking period) which you will be required to keep neatly organized throughout each grading period.
DEAR reading book. (Students must have one in their backpacks at all times!)

Folder Organization
In the center in the page protector sheets you should have:
a signed copy (signed and dated by student and parent) of the Course Information Sheet
a signed copy of the class expectation sheet
a signed copy of the math pledge

The first three items will be moved to the new folder each marking period. These items should always be found in the current math folder to receive credit towards your folder grade.

The front pocket is for class notes, class work and bell work. All work needs to be dated and put into date order.

The back pocket is for homework, tests, quizzes, and vocabulary. All work needs to be dated and filed by date order.

1. Homework will be assigned almost every day and should be done in PENCIL only.
2. Parent's FULL signature should be in the UPPER LEFT corner of the homework and it will be randomly checked. PLEASE do not sign homework that is incomplete or does not have the proper heading with student's name at the right upper corner.

The following heading must be in the top right corner:

First and Last Name
Period #
Date Assigned
Top line label with Page number & Problem #'s (or worksheet title)

3. Homework assignments will be (a) given verbally; (b) posted on the homework board by the end of the day and will remain there all week.
4. Homework will be checked daily for completeness. NO CREDIT will be given, and 2 demerits will be earned, unless there is EVIDENCE that ALL problems have been attempted and ALL work has been shown as modeled in class.
5. Homework must be turned in at the beginning of class to be counted as "on time." If for any reason a student does not have homework to turn in, they should write a note explaining why and turn it in instead of the assignment. Homework not turned in on time will receive two demerits. Homework that does not have a parent/guardian signature will receive one demerit. To get full credit you must turn it in when it is due and attempt/show work for all problems. Partial credit will not be given for homework. Late homework will not be accepted (unless an "excused" absence) for credit. You are expected to hand in the homework that is due the day you are absent on the day you return to school. You must make arrangements to stay after school within a week to take a test or quiz if you are absent on the day it is given to the class.
6. It is each student's responsibility to find out what was missed when absent and to make up that work in the time allotted in the student handbook. Students who miss class due to a prearranged trip, field trip, meeting, etc. are required to get all assignments PRIOR to the missed class or, if they are on campus, are expected to come by to check the homework board in the classroom. While students with an excused absence are entitled to extra days to have missed assignments completed and checked, it is advisable to use whatever means possible when absent to avoid falling behind. This policy does not apply to long-term projects.
7. Assignments with due dates and grades will be available on Parent Connect. Grades will be posted once the assignment has been reviewed. Most will be on a timely basis, but that could be a couple days up to a week. The turnaround on grades will vary depending on the assignment. Please be patient, I do not hand back papers until the entire class has handed in the work. If student's work is late so am I.

8. Late Work /No Signature Passes

For the first and second six week marking all students will be given one late work pass and one no signature pass per marking period for my class. This does not excuse the assignment! On the day the homework is due, students opting to use the pass should hand it in with their name on it and the reason the assignment was not turned in on time. The assignment will earn full credit only if it is turned in the following school day. Students using a pass, who turn in the assignment the following day, will not earn demerits.


2. Quizzes may be given at regular intervals in each chapter and be announced in advance. Periodically, a quiz may be given without notice.

3. There will be a full period test at the end of each chapter/unit that will also include items in previous chapters that the classes had difficulty with and have been reviewed. Additional time will not be given unless arranged
prior to test date.

4. Math folders will be collected periodically with advance notice given and will be worth 40 - 60 points.

5. Students MUST have their own calculator for use on quizzes and tests (with a few PREARRANGED exceptions). If a student does not have his or her own calculator to use, a 5 POINT PENALTY may be deducted from their final test score (2 points deducted from quiz grades).

6. There will be additional grades from in-class activities and projects.

7. Grades are figured on a weighted point system and include all graded items: tests, quizzes, class work, homework, projects, and group work.

8. The State of Florida/Pinellas County Grading Scale will be used:

A = 90 - 100
B = 80 - 89
C = 70 - 79
D = 60 - 69
F = below 60

The submitting of work that is actually the work of another person is considered cheating and will be dealt with according to policy in the agenda. IF a student is unsure as to when collaboration is permitted on any given assignment, please see the teacher for clarification. The Madeira Beach Fundamental handbook is located in the front of the agenda.

I am looking forward to working with you and your parents. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's progress in class. When you provide me with a parent email address I will send out notes regularly and I will also provide you with a breakdown on your student's progress. If anyone is interested in volunteering in our class please fill out a volunteer form and contact me as we can always use help in the classroom. The best way to reach me is by email -- my address:
Also, you may call the school and leave a message for me at 727-547-7697 and I will return your call as soon as I am able.



In Mrs. DeRollo’s Math Class

Class Website:
Moodle: Username and password

Friends in Class:

Name: _____________________ Name: _____________________

Email: _____________________ Email: _____________________

Phone: _____________________ Phone: _____________________


As a student I understand:

o What to bring to my math class
o Where to find my assignments
o How I am expected to do my homework
o What to do if I get stuck on homework
o How I am expected to behave in class
o Where to go for help
o That all fundamental guidelines apply (dress code, gum, tardiness, absences, grading, demerits…etc.)

X Student Signature: _______________________________ Date: ___________________

As a parent I understand:
o What my child needs to bring to school each day
o How to check their homework
o That my student will get demerits for incomplete work or no parent signatures on homework as well as detentions for unsigned parent communication
o Where to find grades and class updates
o The purpose behind Math Memos and that they are due each Monday
o That all fundamental guidelines apply (dress code, gum, tardiness, absences, grading, demerits…etc.)

X Parent Signature: _______________________________ Date: ____________________

************Please fill in the following information very neatly, Thanks! ************

Parent Name(s): _________________________________________________________

Parent Email Address(es): _________________________________________________


One word to describe my student: ___________________________________________

Anything you would like to let me know about your child: ________________________



Any concerns you have about math class this year: _______________________________


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