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P i n e l l a s - P a r k - H i g h - S c h o o l Ms. Canfield's Language Arts Class

Anytime Practice
to Tame the FCAT
FCAT Explorer
Feel free to go to the FCAT Explorer site at anytime. We use the Reading Timeline for 9th Grade practice. Please ask teacher for security information.

FCAT Explorer

Student Login
is now the student district logins and passwords.

You must type your username in all CAPS: Example: XL.5Y and then use your student ID number without the 52.

3 FCAT Practice stories
Extra Credit FCAT work

This exercise is designed to complete in February as practice just before testing.

Complete all of the steps below for each of the three stories found in the hyperlink above.

(a) Print the story.
(b) Read the short narrative question
(c) Underline and circle the real question
(d) Read the story and underline or circle the parts that may answer the question
(e) Use your white space to organize your thoughts
(f) Answer the question stay on task.
(g) Turn in before the deadline.

FCAT Practice Tests
This link goes to the FCAT practice book site. You can practice by clicking on any of the links. AFTER you take the test, then you can check your answers.

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