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Ms. Brown's Class

Classroom Guidelines
2and2=4 The information that follows is everything you need to know to be a successful, productive and responsible member of the class. I expect that you will internalize the policies listed below and realize that by following these policies you are showing respect for me, for your peers and most importantly for yourself. Pinellas County School Board policy dictates that it is your responsibility to behave in such a manner that does not threaten, interfere with, or deprive other students of their right to an education. I fully intend to enforce the student code of conduct as outlined by the Pinellas County School Board as well as the policies set forth specifically for Boca Ciega High School.

    Be prepared. You will need a folder, a pencil (NO PEN), loose-leaf paper, a TI-30XIIS or TI-30XIIB calculator and all the assigned texts each day. These tools are vital to your success and will provide a barrier-free learning experience.

    Be in class and on time. With mathematics, it is impossible to conquer today's lesson without first learning yesterday's lesson. Attendance is critical. Also, being tardy has a negative affect on the entire class. Please be on time.

    Be respectful. Take into consideration other people, their feelings, and their belongings before you act. Speak kindly to others using only words that are appropriate. Keep negative thoughts to yourself. Think before you speak. Wait your turn before speaking. Resolve differences by discussion, not force. Be flexible and cooperate with others. Respect the property of the school and others by first asking for permission, then treating it with care. Return all materials to their proper place. Keep your work and area clean. Food, candy, gum and drinks do not belong in this classroom.

    Be a winner. You have a choice each day regarding the attitude that you will embrace for that day. Make it a winning attitude. A superior attitude will produce superior results. Attitudes are contagious; make sure yours is worth catching.

    Consequences:You will be given opportunities to adjust yourself if you choose not to follow the guidelines listed above. Beyond that you will then be forcing me to resort to any or all of the following consequences. Detention, parent contact, guidance referral, disciplinary referral and/or administrative conference.

dictionary Operational Definitions

    The VISION of Boca Ciega High School is to provide all individuals varied opportunities to become productive, responsible citizens in an ever changing society.

    The MISSION of Boca Ciega High School is to create a great place to "B" for all students as measured by the SIP (School Improvement Plan), Strategic Directions (District) and FCAT Grade (State of Florida).

    The CORE VALUES of Boca Ciega High School include honesty, integrity, communication, mutual respect and team work.

    Grading Policy: All students will be graded using the Pinellas County School Board grading scale as follows. You can expect to have 3 - 5 tests each marking period. Tests are 75% of your grade. Homework is 25% of your grade. Studying is vital to your success.

    A = 90 - 100
    B = 80 - 89
    C = 70 - 79
    D = 60 - 69
    F = 59 - 0
    I = Incomplete

    Make-up work: You will be given the opportunity to make up any missed work as a result of absences. As Pinellas County School Board policy states, you will be allowed at least the same number of days for make-up work as the number of days absent.

    Quality Work: I expect quality work at all times. Your homework will be due the next school day. You must head your paper with your name, the date and the assignment to be given full credit. In order to receive all possible points on any work, please follow directions.

    Extra Help: I will be happy to assist you after school if you are having difficulty with the course work. I ask that you let me know when you intend to see me after school so that there are no schedule conflicts.

    Tardy Policy:All tardies are handled through the Assistant Principals office. Students are to report to the A.P. office for a tardy pass to class as well as for consequences earned for excessive tardies.

    Electronic Devices: Electronic devices and cell phones must be turned off and out of sight in the classroom.

    Videos: There may be an occasion for our class to view a content related video that is rated PG-13. If this situation should arrise, ample notice will be given to the parent for approval.

    Progressive Discipline Plan:
    Silent looking,
    Silent looking with physical sign,
    Personal, private, directive statement
    Location changed
    Parental intervention
    Guidance referral
    Removal from classroom
    Assistant Principal intervention
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