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Ms. Brown's Class  

The Math Teacher's Responsibilities

Just as students have responsibilities that will help to ensure success in their classes, teachers must accept responsibilities, too. To be as effective as he or she can, every math teacher should:

  • Prepare and present lessons that will enable students to learn the math skills and concepts contained in their curriculum.

  • Offer clear directions, explanations, and deadlines for assignments.
    Develop and maintain a comfortable and orderly classroom atmosphere that will promote and support learning.

  • Develop a clear set of classroom rules and procedures, and make certain students understand and follow them.

  • Provide a fair system of grading. Also make sure that students understand how their grades are determined.

  • Encourage student questions, and strive to answer them.

  • Be demanding of work, but also considerate of feelings.

  • Help students learn problem-solving skills.

  • Help students to see the importance of math in their everyday lives.

  • Help students master technology such as calculators and computers.

  • Be willing to listen to student concerns and problems.

  • Applaud the efforts of students, and enjoy their individual growth.
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