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Welcome To Coach Bonsignori's Website  


Instructors: Coach Bonsignori (298-1609, ext.2031,, Coach Hiebert (298-1609, x2015, Our offices are located inside the boy's and girl's locker rooms, and our planning is 4th period.

Course Info: During Health class, students will complete units in Mental & Emotional Health; Human Growth & Reproduction; Substance Abuse Prevention, and Personal Health. Emphasis will be placed on decision-making skills, along with the study of physical, emotional, and social growth changes during adolescence.

Curriculum: The Health Curriculum has been approved for use by Pinellas County Schools. Students will learn through a combination of textbook, projects, instructor lecture, guest speakers, videos and other multimedia.

The Circle Of Trust: Health class involves significant discussion, and students will be asked to voice their opinions and share feelings about sometimes sensitive subject matter. To maintain each and every student's privacy, it is essential that you do not discuss anything heard in class outside of the classroom.

Class Beginning: All students are expected to be in their assigned seat when the bell rings, ready to work. Students are expected to bring a pen or pencil, paper, and a notebook/binder to class every day.

Class Ending: When directed, students are asked to help organize/store class materials. If all class work has been completed in a satisfactory manner (as determined by the Instructor), there will be no homework. If homework is assigned, it will be due (unless otherwise instructed) the following day.

Collection/Return of Written Work: Written assignments will be due and collected at the beginning of the period (after attendance). Homework, quizzes, and/or any other written assignments will also be returned at this time. Assignments not completed and handed in on time may be docked one letter grade per school day, depending on the student's specific situation.

Tardies: Students who are tardy should bring a note from their grade-level house. Students who are "Tardy Unexcused" may have their academic and/or conduct grades affected.

Absences: Since one of the most important parts of Health class is participation, unexcused absences may affect the student's grade. Students who are absent for any reason (including ABC) will be responsible for obtaining the class notes from the day(s) missed.

Maintaining silence: To keep our environment conducive to learning, no one should be speaking when either the teacher or a classmate has "the floor".

Call of Nature: To increase learning potential, students are asked to use the bathroom and drink water before entering the classroom. Students are not permitted to leave the classroom during the first AND last 10 minutes of class. If a student uses the bathroom, they should be back within a reasonable amount of time.

Harassment: Put-downs of any type and/or harassment are NEVER acceptable in Health class. Students are asked to be respectful of the Instructor, themselves, and others. Please keep language (both verbal and non-verbal) appropriate for class. Please report any harassment to the Instructor so that it may be documented and dealt with accordingly.

Food & Candy: These items have no place in Health class, and must be either stored or disposed of upon entering the classroom.

Grading: Students' grades will be calculated on a daily basis, including tests, quizzes, projects and the Health Notebook.

Progress Reports: Students will receive Progress reports at the midpoint of each grading period. The progress report should be brought homein the Agenda and returned the next day signed/dated by a parent/guardian.

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