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reading helps your mind grow

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Ms. Wheatley's Class †

circling pencil Homework logs will not be accepted without a parent or guardian's signature because:
"Know What Your Child Is Reading" ~Click here for suggestions:
A parent or guardian must sign the homework reading log in the appropriate blank to show approval of the studentís choice of reading material. Suggestion to Parent: Sign the log as soon as your child selects approved reading material, and then check to see if your child is reading each of the assigned nights.

book worm reading What if my child couldn't finish on time?
Here is an interesting article on "Homework Policies."
No log or No parent Signature means a 0% grade will be recorded and averaged with other grades for that six weeks. Parent, if you feel there is a valid reason for a late log, then you need to write it and sign again at the top of the paper above your original signature for the log.Thank you.
Computer[1] Do you need a copy of the homework reading log?
Click here to print a copy of a homework reading log.
OTHER IMPORTANT IMFORMATION: If your child loses the log, the requested information is to be recorded on notebook paper or you can print a copy of the log from here. Books or material read for the homework log are NOT to be selected from our READ XL textbook. Make sure the date is also filled in correctly.
books falling It is extremely important to follow these procedures:
Do you remember taking this "Following Directions Test" in school?
For each night, read twenty or more minutes from the selected material or book. Write the title of the book or material every night with a summary sentence. The summary sentence must include the characters' names and the main thing that happened. Make sure the date is also filled in correctly.
dog ate homework What can you do between homework reading logs?
Click here to see "Why Your Child Should Read for 20 minutes Every Day"
Parent, when a homework reading log is assigned, please help your child enjoy the reading and fill out the log correctly so they can receive credit.
However, the idea is for your child to begin or continue a lifelong habit of enjoying reading for at least twenty minutes a night. Therefore I suggest that you might have your child read each night or at least four or five nights a week even though I have not assigned the homework. You can have your child log in the reading on one of the logs you copied from clicking on the blue print on this page.
See the next section for EXTRA CREDIT.
Look at these excellent suggestions found on this website. Be sure to click on the highlighted areas!
I will allow one extra credit homework reading log grade per each six weeks. Check out possibilites on the highlighted website that I found on the internet.
All your child needs to do is read and record for ten consecutive days at home. This homework reading log is only for dates where I did not assign the homework.
Print out a log from this page. Fill it out correctly and turn it in signed by a parent BEFORE the last week of the six weeks.
mouse waving flag If you can't copy my reading log, or one from the above website, you can follow these directions:
Place first and last name on top of page followed by the date and the period you have reading class.
Have your parent write that he or she approves the material read by you,
and have your parent sign.
Now record each day by placing the date first.
Then write the title of your book.
Now write a one-sentence summary AFTER you have read 20 or more minutes.
Continue this for five (5) different nights in a row.
CartoonAnimatedMouse[1] HAVE FUN READING!
Parent link to "Reading Is Fundamental" website
help tumbling Many parents ask me to help them find books for their children's LEXILE Levels.
Good News! There is help online if you click here and follow the directions:
"Itís simple -- tell us what kind of a reader your child is (or enter his or her Lexile measure), and select some of his or her areas of interest. Weíll show you lots of interesting books matched to your childís Lexile reading range that you can choose from. You can even see if the books are in your local library."

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