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Every year the Office of Library Media Technology hires an author to come to Pinellas County and spend time answering student questions about the writing process. Sometimes the author will also come to the schools to conduct workshops. Every student at Madeira Beach has an opportunity to write a question they would like to ask the author. The student who phrases the best question is selected to meet the author and ask their question live on school board channel 14. The remaining students may phone in additional questions to ask the author over the telephone. This year that author is Rick Yancy the author of The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp.
Pinellas Tellers
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In preparation for the Pinellas Tellers event I have hired a professional storyteller or trained the students in storytelling techniques myself. The students select a story and learn how to tell it in a dramatic fashion. The top ten performers go on to represent our school at the Pinellas Tellers Festival in November at Pinellas Park HS. Every year a professional storyteller kicks off this event in the auditorium and then the student tellers perform in small groups in the classrooms.
Book talks
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Every year I train students in the art of book talking. Students try to convince the listener to read a book they enjoyed by taking on the role of one of the characters in the book and never telling the ending. When well performed this creates a sort of cliff-hanger moment for the listener. For the purposes of our contest the booktalk consists of a 1-3 minute memorized, dramatic performance. Many Language Arts teachers at Madeira now require that their students perform at least one book talk for a grade in their class and consequently the number and quality of our performers continues to improve. Students who enjoy performing may also choose to compete in our school contest. The 1st place contestant will perform at the county booktalk contest and the 2rd place contestant serves as an alternate. The contest will be aired on Ch. 14.
A celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday
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The National Education Association has sponsored an event entitled Read Across America to honor Dr. Seuss' contribution to children's literature. We celebrate as closely to his March 2nd birthday as possible. We take advantage of our shared library building with Madeira Beach Elementary by reading with their kindergarten through third grade students. Hundreds of students wearing the hats sported by the Cat in the Hat spread out across the entire library and the happy buzz of reading fills the air. A number of joint reading projects with the kindergarten classes have developed as a result of this program - a happy consequence that would make Dr. Seuss proud!
Sunshine State Young Readers
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Throughout the school year students are encouraged to read the 15 titles included in the Sunshine State Young Readers list. A new list is selected each year by a committee of librarians and language arts teachers from around the state of Florida. Every spring I hold a reward party for the students who read and pass Reading Counts quizzes over at least eight of these titles. These students are eligible to take the qualifying test to participate in the Battle of the Books. This is a game show style competition complete with pads that light up as the team captains indicate that they want to answer the question. There are three rounds of very specific questions on these titles. The answers to the questions are always either the title or the author of the Sunshine State book. The teams consist of a captain (with the highest scores on the qualifying test) two players and an alternate. The winning team from MBMS will go on to the regional competition and if they are fortunate enough to finish in 1st or 2nd place at the regional they will go on to represent our school at the district Battle. This event is also televised on Ch. 14.
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