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Ms. Gurian's Class   Curtis Fundamental Elementary School

Mrs. Gurian's Favorite Teacher Sites
Teacher Sites
LA alphabet
Cherry Carl's Corner
Mrs. Melissa Shaw's website
Excellent Treasures resources!
la figurativelanguages
Mrs. Sandy Fiorini's Website
la factand opinion
Jessica Winston's Website
la overhead
Mrs. Hick's Smartboard
Beth Newingham's Site
la overhead
Mrs. Caros' Class
Super Power Points!
Mandy Gregory's Tips for Teachers
Tips for Teachers
math estimate
Ms. Angela Powell's Website
Busy Teacher Cafe
apple with worm
Kim's Corner
The Reading Lady
la reading
The Reading Lady's Mosaic Tools
la readingcomprehension
Reading Comprehension
la book report
Laura Candler's Resources
Becky Hick's Class
School top
Mrs. Haynes' Site
Mrs. Jackson's Class
la fables
Mrs. Gold's Class
la creative writing
Mrs. Madden's Class
school house
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