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Ms. Gurian's Class   Curtis Fundamental Elementary School

Science Resources
Annenberg Media
Great teaching videos.
Science Clips
Excellent resource for students. Hands-on experiments at their fingertips.
BrainPOP Jr
Pete's Power Point
Outstanding Weblinks
FINDS Research model for Power Points
Here's a research model:
F - Focus
I - Investigate
N - Note Information
D - Develop, Analyze, Communicate
S - Score

Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (2008)
Here's a matrix and document with grade level expectations to help us get a handle on the new standards for K - 5.
Manchester University
Excellent site for teachers.
kp girl piano red
Topmarks Website
Good Tools
Science Tools
Links to many Science tools and materials
Science Experiments
Pumpkin Experiment
Developed by Barbara Gurian, Compare/Contrast small and large pumpkins!
Magnet Experiment
Developed by Barbara Gurian. Here are four different magnet experiments.
Food Chain Activities
Written up by Barbara Gurian. Used during Science Arts Math Camp in 2007. The kids LOVE these activities.
Bird Beak Experiments
Developed by Barbara Gurian and Gayle Roderick. The students become birds to discover which beak works best for various food items.
math estimate
Marble Roll - Force & Motion (doc)
Developed by Barbara Gurian. This Science Fair type experiment is done with a "mini- science board".
math measure
Marble Roll - Force & Motion (PDF)
PDF - Developed by Barbara Gurian. This Science Fair type experiment is done with a "mini- science board".
Plant Journal
.This is a plant journal I developed. Adjust it to meet your needs. This year I used 3 sizes of pumpkin seeds, a lima, and a pinto for our experiment. Enjoy!
Bird Beak & Feet Adaptations Website
Physical Science
Matter Website - Classifying
States of Matter - Science Online
Properties of Matter SONG
Science Clips - States of Matter
States of Matter - Cartoon Video
Matter Worksheet
Created by Barbara Gurian.
Life Science - Body
SC Body Example
Skeleton System
Here's a skeletal System provided by The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation - All Children's Hospital.
SC Body Example
Body Systems
These are the body systems. Teach each system and add the parts. 1. Digestive 2. Respiratory 3. Circulatory 4. Nervous 5.Muscular (just cut pieces of red paper for this)
SC Body Example
Example of the Body System Project
Here's a picture of the end product.
Created by Barbara Gurian
Body Systems Test
Body System Booklet
This is an awesome science investigation booklet created by Liza Cole, Plumb Elementary School. Wow! We are blessed!
Life Science & Animal Research Project
Adaptations - Common Core Reading
FINDS research Model
Here's one method to have your students learn about research. (I usually use Enchanted Learning because the reading level is perfect for most of my 2nd graders.)
Zippity-Do-Da-Zoo Website
This webquest was created in 2002. I'm unable to update it since it was posted through the county. (Some links may no longer work... sorry.)
Basilisk Lizard
PPT Animal Report Template
Template for teaching powerpoint...
Enchanted Learning
Link to Enchanted Learning
Animal Adaptations Cartoon Video
Study Jams (Scholastics)
Adaptation - Bird Beak Experiment
Created by Barbara Gurian & Gayle Roderick.
Osprey Game
This Osprey Game was prepared by Lisa Boing, Science Assistant at Plumb and Liza Cole. It's a great interactive game. Children leave with a real understanding of man's affect on habitats.
Animal Classification
Animal Classifications Website
Animal Classification GAME
BBC Game
Critters Game
Float and Sink Virtual Experiment
apple with worm
Science GAMES
Earth Science
moon phases
Moon Phases Website
Nasa Kids
Moon Phases Animation
solar system
Solar System
Feeling Hot Worksheet
Experiment: Temperature of Black vs white
Thermometer - Interactive
Good way to teach Celsius & Fahrenheit
Sink & Float Virtual Experiment
Excellent way to use the scientific method interactively with a virtual experiment.
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