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Ms. Gurian's Class   Curtis Fundamental Elementary School

Interactive Read Aloud
Kelly Austin
Kelly Austin - Bauder Elementary
Kelly Austin & Karin Lewis have been instrumental in teaching others in Pinellas County Schools to use Interactive Read Alouds.

This is a widely used, highly effective practice to develop emerging literacy skills.
It consists of an adult reading a story, book or picture book to an individual child, a small groups or a whole class. The listener is encouraged to listen carefully and to ask questions.
Karin Lewis
Karin Lewis - Bauder Elementary
Karin Lewis and Kelly Austin teach 2nd Grade at Bauder Elementary School. They have helped develop a "post-it-note" template so that teachers can share interactive read alouds notes effectively.
Post-it-Note Template
Place post-it- notes over a printed template, then run it through the printer.
Here are the codes:

TnT Turn and Talk
TA - Think aloud
S&J - Stop and Jot
S&A - Stop and Act out

The website format provided by Pinellas County does not give me the flexibility to reorganize this list alphabetically... or for you to do a search. I've included pictures to help you find the resource you need.

Teacher animated
Interactive Read Aloud LIST
This list was developed by Kelly Austin. It divides books into categories: visualization, inferring,determining importance, synthesizing,and schema (making connections - text to self, text to text, and text to world).
RA-Chester's Way clip art
Chester's Way
RA-Emperor's Egg Clip Art
The Emperor's Egg
RA-Great Kapok Tree Clip Art
The Great Kapok Tree
RA-Hazel's Amazing Mother
Hazel's Amazing Mother
RA-Ira Sleeps Over
Ira Sleeps Over
RA-Julius the baby
Julius the Baby of the World
RA-Koala Lou
Koala Lou
RA-Miss Smith Reads Again
Miss Smith Reads Again
RA-Now One Foot
Now One Foot, Now the Other
RA-Oliver Button
Oliver Button, page 1
RA-Oliver Button
Oliver Button, page 2
RA-Thank You Mr Falker Clip art
Thank You, Mr. Falker
RA-The Other Side
The Other Side
RA-The Two of Them
The Two of Them
RA-The Way I feel clip art
The Way I Feel
RA-wemberly Worries clip art
Wemberly Worried
RA-When Sophie Gets Angry clip art
When Sophie Gets Angry
RA-William's Doll
William's Doll
RA-Polar Express JPEG
Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
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