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Ms. Nohlgren's Class  

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The mission of Ms. Nohlgren is to present the curriculum for the 7th Grade Civics course through a variety of motivating strategies in a nurturing classroom setting, and equip students with the necessary study and organizational skills for high school. Cooperative learning and reading strategies will be key elements in lesson planning.

The mission of social studies teachers throughout Pinellas County is to help students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.


Welcome to the "world" of 7th Grade Civics. In this course, students will examine topics, make informed judgments, and apply problem solving skills to address historical, geographical, political, economical, and cultural issues related to civics in the United States and the international arena. Students will study the meaning of citizenship and examine local, state, and national government in the United States. Students will explore the foundations of American government by examinig the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. In addition, students will become involved in various civic-minded projects.

Welcome to 7th Grade Civics
TEXTBOOK: There is no textbook for this course


o Orientation to the Course (What is civics? What is social studies?)
o Unit 1 Citizenship: Duties, Rights, and Liberties
o Unit 2 Foundations of American Government
o Unit 3 Overview of the United States and its Federal Government (geography included)
o Unit 4 Model United Nations/Global Classroom Curriculum
o Unit 5 State and Local Government
o Unit 6 Elections, Parties, and Pressure Groups
o Unit 7 Economics


Class work 20%
Homework 20%
Tests/Quizzes 20%
Notebook/Portfolio 20%
Special Projects 20%

The Pinellas County Grading scale will be followed:
90%-100%=A 80%-89%=B 70%-79%=C 60%-69%=D 0-59%=F


o Communicate with your child about his/her classes. Show interest.
o Contact the teacher as soon as possible when concerns/questions arise.
o Require your child to bring his/her agenda home daily.
o Check your child's agenda. In social studies, a message will be given daily.
o Be sure your child has phone numbers of study buddies listed in his/her agenda.
o Examine your child's homework for accuracy, neatness, and completeness.
o Encourage your child to do his/her "personal best."
o Check your child's social studies notebook periodically for organization.
o Help your child study for tests, especially if your child scores low on previous tests.
o When mid-term reports come home, discuss the performance results with your child.
o Establish positive and negative consequences with your child for report card results.
o Be sure your child gets enough sleep at night and has a healthy breakfast daily.
o Volunteer for school events, visit the classroom, and participate at your child's school.

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