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Ms. Dedinsky's Class  

Welcome to Our Class Webpage!
welcome back to school

You're the new leaders of Azalea
Your fifth grade school year is starting and it promises to be one of your most exciting and rewarding. You can look forward to great field trips, interesting curriculum and gaining skills you will need to be prepared for middle school and your future. You will be the students that are in the position to act as role models for students in the younger grades. Many of you will be involved in safety partols, WAES news, or Chorus. In addition, you will have opportunities in the classroom to demonstrate your leadership skills. I am looking forward to a fantastic year with you and your family!

What to Expect in My Class
RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY are extremely important in our class! Using respectful words and actions make a respectful learning environment in which all of us can remained focused on academics and promote the greatest success and a positive environment. This happy, healthy classroom climate means that all of you can achieve your greatest potential. When it comes to responsibility each of you will find that the expectation is for you to become responsible for your own actions! It will be your job to have good attendance, be on time to school, bring supplies and needed materials, turn in quality assignments on time, and always give your best effort! With the help of your teachers and parents and your hard work you will have a SUPER year!
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